Making Cornerstone your sure foundation

About Cornerstone

The Cornerstone Platform is the operating system for the cloud, and it´s already serving millions of people. is the website where you can learn everything you need to know to leverage the platform. Below, we will share with you briefly about the philosophy and background of this platform that is already serving millions of people around the globe.


In 2006, a Norwegian and a Russian software development company met at a Christian media conference in Seoul, Korea. The two companies quickly found shared values and a common goal and started working on the Cornerstone Platform the fall of 2006. Working more closely together over the years, the two companies merged in the spring of 2011. The merged company owning the rights to The Cornerstone Platform is called Kommunion AS and is incorporated in Norway.


About Cornerstone


What is Cornerstone really?

Cornerstone is a web application framework. Some might call it an operating system for the cloud, and yet others might call it a web platform. Some would use words like CMS, CRM and ERP, and they would not be in error. Cornerstone is a full featured platform - served through the cloud - that can deliver any kind of web based application or service with strong security, strict privacy, shared business logic among its different business modules, amazing scalability and a graphical/design engine that is both incredibly flexible and amazingly easy to use.

What can it do?

The only thing that limits The Cornerstone Platform is the number of available modules, and more types of modules are being added constantly. Some types of applications built with Cornerstone, are:

  • Membership systems
  • Webshops
  • Fundraising systems
  • Crowdfunding portals
  • Private social networks
  • Intranets/extranets
  • Websites

Want to know more?

Check out a couple of our websites showcasing our company and some of our products: and

(and yes, of course, those websites, as well as this one, are served through The Cornerstone Platform)