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Debugging people app on iphone

If you have version 6 build 1.6 of our app you can enter debug mode.
You activate it by tapping version number 5 times.
It slows the app down and shows lots of extra stuff so don't keep it on all the time.
In debug mode you see full server-app transaction log, last modified times, server IDs, local IDs, etc

If you are experiencing problems and customer support asks you to send an error log then:

1. Go to Settings and tap 5 times on the version number. You will get a confirmation that the debug mode is ON.

2. Reproduce the issue.

3. Go to Setting and hit Send debug info. (this works if you have Apple Mail set up)

3a. (if apple mail is not setup) Go to Settings -> Log and tap Copy. This will copy logs text. Then paste into an email to

4. Go to Settings and turn debug mode off.


If you are not able to open the app

If you are not able to open the app, we ask that you send an email to with the following information:

Which device do you use? (There is a model number on the back with an A and then four number, send that to us.)
Which version of iOS do you have? Here is how to find out:
Which version of the app does it say in appstore that you have?
Turn on the crash reporting, here is how: