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Privacy settings on people and members

When a name comes up as "Undisclosed name", its because the privacy setting of the name of that person is restricted. You can choose to unrestrict just the name, or more information about a person for the role that need permission.

The privacy of a member or person determines what role one needs to see information about a person. A common setting is that only room owner and some specific roles have access to personal information. You can also set it up so that a role has access to all information except the social security number. Most often, privacy will be set to the same for all people, but different roles may also have access to different people. One can imagine that a youth leader only has access to personal information for young people, and then young people may have a different privacy than other members. This may require some maintenance of the lists, because it is not the case that the privacy changes automatically when someone grows older.

In the member module settings you can set what should be the default privacy of members in the member module. New people who want to enter will have the privacy set here. If you do not make any changes here, your privacy will be set to: "Only room owners". That is, only room owners can see the members. If you create other roles afterwards, you can change this setting as well as search for all members and select "actions" at the top right and "mass editing", so you can choose the privacy you have selected in the setting of the module and click save to change the privacy of all members.

If only a few members should be available for a particular role, these members must be searched before selecting "actions" and "mass editing."

If you choose "All" on privacy, anyone who has access to the member module or the people module will be able to view information about the members. It does not have to be a problem as long as the people module and member module are not available to users who are not logged in.

If people are entered via the People Module or Fundraising Module, people will get the privacy that is standard in the settings on these modules.

Some information about members is in separate modules. For example, what gifts a person gives to the fundraising module, and a role to see presents must therefore have sufficient access to the fundraising module.

Privacy settings on people and members