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API: Register recurring agreement

How to get started with API to register recurring agreeements in Cornerstone


All requests to our API need authentication. For this, you need a username and password for a CS user with proper access to use our API. See general API documentation for details.

We strongly recommend that you create a separate role for API users in your Cornerstone room. This role needs only 'Donor' (Giver) access for the Fundraising module.
Then, register a user with access to this new API role only.

Server to server
All communication with our API has to be from your server. Username and pw can not be used on client side. If we find that requests are made directly from client side, we will have to delete this user.

Register agreement

See API documentation for details. When an agreement is registered, you will receive the KID for the agreement and the URL for signing the agreement (AvtaleGiro/Nets or Vipps recurring).

You can find the target cause id from the fundraising module pages. Cause id is found as parameter in URL:

Contact Kommunion to receive your client_id.

The API documentation has a PHP example to register an agreement.

For testing, we recommend testing towards a separate room.


General description of our API:
Documentation on how to register recurring agreement:

API: Register recurring agreement